Versailles chuchoté


The Château de Versailles and Paris ASMR offer a unique experience, combining an exceptional location and a sensory journey. All of our senses are put to the test on a journey of extreme delicacy.

Using the ASMR, Florian Boullot guides us with counted steps, in the park as if we were there.
Slowing down the rhythm, he suspends time and engages us to hear, then, gently to listen
the blowing of the wind in the tall trees, the creaking of the leaves under its footsteps, and, more precisely, the songs of the multitude of birds, the flight of insects, the flow of water in the pools, the croaking of frogs,… Here we are.
This initiatory journey is accompanied by a remarkable narrative text which is whispered to us. We strain our ears so as not to lose a word.
The stroll continues, still at a slow pace. Now we enter the Castle. Alone, in remarkable silence, we calmly climb the Louis Philippe staircase, letting ourselves be invaded by History, the signing of treaties, the clanking of clocks, then the squeaking noise of the parquet floors … and the magic operates, we hear the cards to play, the rustle of fabrics.

The visit of this magnificent place is sublimated by shots of great quality, and punctuated by piano notes which end up enveloping us in a cultural and sensory well-being.

What a wonderful response to this period of confinement and closure of cultural places. A unique experience to live, relive and share!

Isabelle Maillé Decloux

ASMR: Autonomous response of sensory meridians, these are the reactions felt related to a whispered voice, a noise, a tapping, a look …
Example: a head massage with a metallic spider.